Culture Exchange

Tai Ji Men is an established school of ancient traditional qigong martial arts. It embodies and preserves the traditional Chinese culture of cultivating supreme physical and spiritual health. Tai Ji Men has been invited to the international stage to promote martial arts in five continents of the world. It has participated in cultural exchange in the U.S. Capitol Hill, San Francisco International Martial Arts Festival, Seattle Sea Fair Torchlight Parade, and the Sydney Olympics. Tai Ji Men San Jose Academy has been invited to participate in the Bay Area of North California San Francisco Chinese Athletic Tournament, the Bay Area Kids Day Festival, the Double Tenth National Day, and several celebrations for the Chinese New Year. The performance demonstrated a unique magnificence of Chinese culture, bringing much excitement and joy to the audiences.


太極門為古老氣功武術修行門派,保存中華優質傳統文化,除了以練氣修身提升現代人身心靈的健康,更曾應邀在美國國會山莊,舊金山國際武術節,西雅圖海洋節火炬大遊行,雪梨奧運等世界五大洲進行國際文化武術交流。太極門聖荷西道館也曾多次受邀參加灣區北加州舊金山灣區華人運動會,灣區國際童玩節, 雙十國慶,農曆春節聯歡會。充滿中華文化特色的展演,令人精神振奮, 帶來無限活力。

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